Continuous Delivery
Seamless application development and management for digital twins.

Secure Real-time Collaboration

Knowledge is siloed throughout an organization - field engineers, experts, analyst and managers all have information critical to an organization's operations. The SEKAI digital twin unlocks these silos with clear, obvious communication channels using virtual workspaces. Supporting secure online collaboration allows knowledge to flow and work to be completed in a fraction of time. Train and support directly on the actual asset with local SME's, saving time and cost with faster processes.

End to End Visibility - Humanizing Data

Understanding data is too often left to specialists who find their way around tables and graphs. SEKAI follows a path to humanize the data, and make it accessible and understandable to a wide audience. Your business benefits from  more people working in SEKAI's digital space of understanding and therefore contributing digitally to the enterprise.  SEKAI delivers your content wherever you want it, and however you need it - mobile, browser based or in  virtual and augmented reality workspaces. Deliver data as you want to have it.

Unified Application Development Platform

SEKAI Enterprise API - Open Platform

SEKAI promotes all features, functions and all data via an API interface and thus provides the basic prerequisite, foundation and access for developers to implement applications on based on the platform. 

Virtual Workspaces

SEKAI's platform delivery enables collaboration in an open and secure virtual workspace. Access the workspace either in virtual 3D space for a real immersive collaboration on the real asset - often used for training purposes - or on mobile and browser based devices for collaboration on site - often used in maintenance support cases. Both use cases significantly reduce the need for physical presence, and enhance profitability. Our AR and VR technology is based on Unreal Engine™ technology.


Digital Maintenance.

A gas turbines OEM with an installed base of 10,000 assets distributed globally. When a maintenance event occurs, energy production is stopped. The orchestration of any maintenance, be it predictive or ad hoc, is a complicated event involving trained personnel, parts and support. This producer uses SEKAI's virtual reality knowledge spaces to train operators on maintenance routines on the specific live assets as well as support knowledge exchange and expert assistance. Less travel requirements increases expert productivity, and reduced response times shortens asset downtime. Collaborate in secure virtual space or mobile, wherever real time collaboration is required.

Reduction in
planned maintenance downtime
2 Week
Sprint Duration
35% higher
Expert productivity