Continuous Knowledge
Integrating all your data into a single coherent human centered system.

Elastic Knowledge Graph™

The SEKAI Elastic Knowledge GraphTM empowers our customers with efficient data handling and knowledge capturing for a versatility of domains and non-trivial use cases, making it possible to have a 360° view on data sources and gain true value from insights, revealed hidden patterns, and Black-Swan discoveries.

Leveling Up

"Leveling Up" is a common concept in the in-game world. This concept can be applied to industrial uses cases and digital twins. Leveling Up content will allow our customers to increase their earnings and value of their digital twins by building and publishing upper level use cases.

Logical Human Centric Dataset

Data brings value only if it is put into context and given meaning. SEKAI’s Elastic Knowledge GraphTM connects data in a way humans connect data - across object properties and object relations. This makes data understandable and insights actionable. We put the control over your data back into your hands by making it logical and structured around human understanding.

Knowledge “Time Machine”

To ensure full freedom for non-hypothesis-based data exploration, it is critical to get the most out of data on the time and space coordinates, so that to distinguish significant trends from inessential fluctuations for an observed phenomenon. For that purpose, the EKG has an efficient solution for historical browsing through a particular domain and stages and having a dynamic view on how it evolves.


Digital Construction.

A construction company uses the SEKAI platform to orchestrate their construction projects - from qualified people on site, availability of relevant machinery and materials to actual simulations of the object. SEKAI platform enables not only to optimally coordinate the process and embed the site and building in the real world situation, but also to test the current state of the construction against benchmarks or simulate processes to eliminate errors (heating, plumbing, electricity), thereby building the operational twin of a construction site. SEKAI platform delivers savings during the building period, and uniquely positions buildings by delivering a digital twin with the physical construction for better operations and longer lifetime.

Decreased Site Interruptions