Continuous Data Pipeline
Automated data ingestion powered by deep learning.

Pattern Based Knowledge Architecture.

SEKAI uses a technology of modular, semantic logical patterns to connect data to each other and external data. Our software overcomes two problems in the data industry - high complexity when connecting many data sources and costly manual interaction in building digital twins.

At the very core of the SEKAI pipeline is the method and the processes of how we build digital twins and generate knowledge out of data. The SEKAI pipeline itself is much less technology driven. It is a data-driven solution. Our methods and processes are implemented in services which can run on a various set of technology - cloud native. Therefore, the SEKAI platform is agnostic to the underlying technology. This makes it a perfect match to leverage decentralized technologies such as blockchain, decentralized storage or decentralized graph solutions. SEKAI will carefully select and closely work with those technology providers to implement our Platform.

Faster Time to Value

“Each pattern describes a problem that occurs over and over again in our environment, and then describes the core of the solution to that problem, in such a way that you can use this solution a million times over, without ever doing it the same way twice.”

C. Alexander, “A Pattern Language”

Over 500 Logic Patterns™ defined

Continuous Data Synchronization

The world is constantly changing - as is your business - and these changes need to be reflected in your digital twin. The SEKAI platform employs a technology as its intellectual property that is constantly synchronizing the data being ingested, providing a ever updating view on your operations and business.


Wind Power.

20,000+ wind turbines in operation - all are of the same OEM  but have slightly different properties due to maintenance events, modifications, evolutionary enhancements, environmental conditions in use. Traditional approaches to create asset specific digital twins of each individual asset are often failing, due to extensive costs and efforts associated in building immersive user experience in VR/AR and 3D Web Apps. SEKAI's FLOW approach is to ingest data of each individual asset and "weave" in the differences automatically, reducing the roll-out to hours instead of weeks and months. Get fast results across your entire asset base, not matter how diverse and large.

Reduced Data Engineering Effort
Reduced Roll Out Time