Continuous Data Pipeline
Automated data ingestion powered by deep learning.

Unconditional Data Ingestion

The SEKAI platform is based on micro ontologies. We ingest all data as is and automatically form an ontological framework based on logic patterns in our master ontology (Patent Pending). Data health in insured by strict application of logic first principles. So we ingest your data as is, no condition required.

Logic Based Data Unification

A large set of specific connectors and API's connects Sekai's platform to different systems. Our digital twins connect your asset to the real world, and incorporate all real world data connected to your asset - financial, environmental, supply chain data are combined with the operational digital twin.

No Code Data Ingestion

SEKAI Flow tool version 1.1 - Web based node scripting interface for semantic based ETL development.

The data ingestion pipeline is built with the SEKAI FLOW tool, a web based No Code application delivering a flexible set of connectors to hundreds of APIs and protocols like HTTP API, MQTT, SQL and RabbitMQ. Once connected the FLOW tool empowers you to adjust, map and modify the data streams before running analytics and delivering the data into the digital twin.

Faster Time to Value

Digital similarity concept allows SEKAI to ingest and incorporate data in the digital twin within days, showing value at an unprecedented speed. We are constantly developing the Machine Learning behind the concept, and will soon be able to ingest new, similar data sources within minutes instead of months. 

Continuous Data Synchronization

The world is constantly changing - as is your business - and these changes need to be reflected in your digital twin. The SEKAI platform employs a patent pending technology that is constantly synchronizing the data being ingested, providing a ever updating view on your operations and business. 


Wind Power.

20,000+ wind turbines in operation - all are of the same OEM  but have slightly different properties due to maintenance events, modifications, evolutionary enhancements, environmental conditions in use. A traditional approach to implement a digital twin of each individual asset is to generate a copy for each of the digital twins and make adjustment for specific circumstances - a process that can take years. SEKAI's FLOW approach is to ingest data of each individual asset and "weave" in the differences automatically, reducing the roll-out to hours instead of weeks and months. Get fast results across your entire asset base, not matter how diverse and large.

Reduced Data Engineering Effort
Reduced Roll Out Time