Build with Solana
SEKAI is powered by the Solana blockchain. A next-generation high throughput network.

Blockchain based building

The SEKAI industrial metaverse is powered by the Solona protocol. Distributed ledger technologies offers a perfect trust generator within the technical and business eco-system of the metaverse.

Why Solana

When we looked at the whole of the crypto ecosystem, one blockchain stood out above all others; Solana. There are many reasons why; from the very high transaction rate to the high adoption rate we see today. It’s a vibrant and mature network with solid technology behind it.

Redefining trust

Through blockchain participants on the SEKAI industrial metaverse can now access common shared data that they and others can trust.

Blockchain makes data insights better and faster

The unique combination between the SEKAI core technology EKG, advanced analytics and blockchain is driving the fourth industrial revolution by redefining the economy and the exchange of information.

Thinking outside of the corporate box - Data insights rely on data to function optimally. But most enterprise companies limit the diversity of the date they take into consideration to gain insights, due to trust issues. Blockchain offers a way to increase trust and security to enable shared access to diverse data shared over the industrial metaverse marketplace and thus the ability to gain much broader advanced insights.


The elements of the new digital age are converging.

Industrial companies today are facing heavy pressure to keep pace with the fast evolving, augmented digitalization, regulations and increasing consumer power. Resulting in pressure to increased efficiency, respond faster to reputational risks and shorten product life-cycles.
Blockchain based solutions are the perfect approach to ensure authenticity and trust of origin of data and renders it trust-worthy among stakeholders.

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