About Us

SEKAI is a new generation of startups driven by the idea of using non-traditional technology to solve some of the industries most difficult challenges in new ways. We have no limits and see opportunities where barriers have stood in the past.

We are a passionate group of engineers, businessmen, designers and data scientists energized by the idea of humanizing the complex world of asset intensive industry. SEKAI was begun as an idea in 2018 while we started the company at the end of 2019. Today we are a 30+ strong and working with some of the world biggest industrial companies around the world.

We see digital twins as the way forward to unravel the full potential of existing organizations, their data and their assets by building them into a single consistent real-time reflection of their business.

Our Principles:


No prerequisites on the data, we take it all and address normalization in our system.


Play nice with other system but inside the organization and in the wider world.


Platform customers can customize to their specific needs and approaches.


Show the whole picture not a single perspective.