Get on Track.

The automated and open integration of semantic data models into the SEKAI Platform, allows you to not only building industrial digital twins, it also allows to build any type of desired graph schema for the EKG. To build an interoperable, federated and elastic data landscape. we provide a broad set of Logic Patterns™ for Transportation, Smart Nations, Smart Cities and Logistics to build uses cases.

Cargo Logistics.

By integration of additional data feeds such as fleet specific ships, warehouses, mines, trucks and cars we build uses cases for logistics to gain insights on freight locations, punctuality forecasting, which are used to optimize their logistics processes and transportation schedules.

Close Realtime Global Position Tracking

Our data streaming pipeline is ingesting and updating data from open and public APIs as well as from position tracking device platforms into the EKG. Rolling stock, vessels, trucks, cars and freight are being tracked and bridged to weather ad environmental data as well as to corporate data.

Time Machine

All data and positions of tracked assets can be played back in time on the 3D web bases world representation to use it for visual assessments and for human annotations.

Open & Public Data

We use open Data APIs for various data we put into the EKG. Data such as weather, ships, mobile cell phones, train operator data, landmarks, street maps and point of interests.


Knowing where the rolling stock is and how fast it travels, not only actual but as well in the past, allows our customers to predict punctuality and location of the moving assets. Our customers are building use cases for unattended crossings, blue-light emergency instructions and passenger information systems.

Real World Experience

“The train is a small world moving through a larger world.” -Elisha Cooper
SEKAI offers a 3D WebGL bases world representation for an intuitive access to use cases and data insights.