Continuous Analysis 
Democratizing your data to unlock advanced analytics for business.

Human Driven Analysis

SEKAI solves the challenge to understand complex data and its relations. We provide a natural data access. There is no longer a need to learn dataset relation theories and figure out how data is linked and normalized. We give users data access in a natural, logical and language oriented fashion.

SEKAI's platform unifies data to make it ready for intuitive further analytics, be it based on human analysis or AI algorithms. API's of leading analytics tool sets and data sources let you integrate the SEKAI product suite into your data landscape and keep using your preferred tools.

Modern Data Science Tool Set

The SEKAI DATABOOK data science tool set hands the analytics process back to business. It allows business to ask questions, sort data, and connect traditionally siloed data with ease. Code can be seamlessly integrated with pre-defined applications for interaction between Data Science and Business Departments. Concentrate on what you really want to know, and get results fast.

DATABOOK - Data Science Notebook

SEKAI DATABOOK tool version 1.0 - A full featured data science IDE supporting Java, Scala and Python languages.

Have Confidence In Your Data

Powerful data provenance is key in trusting your data. Our tool maintains data lineage and tracks data interaction and modification with an audit trail including who, what, where and when metadata.

Promote towards the AI Factory

Operationalize the entire advanced analytics lifecycle to scale reliably at speed.
An AI Factory combines the data promoted by the platform, process, products, business to step forward beyond pilots and experiments and deliver analytics that generates outcomes.


National Digital Twin.

SEKAI National Digital Twins are incubating relevant data from infrastructure alongside Geospatial towards mobile device locations. On top of the National Twin it builds a set of applications to support citizens, authorities and operators in their daily life. Using SEKAI DATABOOK on top of the National Digital Twin allows a train operator to predict and act upon advanced analytics use cases for punctuality improvement, location predictions, delay forecasts. In this case the data  was leveraged for security and blue light organizations to improve their time to be onsite when incidents occurring.

Time to incident
location decreased
Unattended crossing broadcast alert