Digital KAIZEN.

Continuous Business Advantage
A holistic execution model for digital twin development and industry 4.0.

Holistic Execution Model

Where do I start? What is a first use case? What does it cost? What is the outcome? How do I measure the outcome? How long will it take until I see the first results?  How will my future business model look like? SEKAI takes on this responsibility as Digital Twin Platform Provider and offers an efficient way of adaptation of digital twins and accompany customers on their way into digital operation models.

SEKAI Digital Kaizen is designed to give hand to those questions in a customer-centric, holistic, continuously improving and modern fashion.

Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Energy or even Smart Cities have common business acumen, common landscapes intend to transform from a current state into a digital future.

Visibility for your Digital Transformation Value

SEKAI Digital KAIZEN creates visibility to your value portfolio by continuous cycling back KPIs & Success factors. Factoring in context will result in value growth, and digital similarity effect will result in multiplications and shorten time to value.

Built for Digital Twins

SEKAI CLONE Process is tuned to fit the special need for building digital twins and knowledge capture based applications. Based on the DevOps approach, CLONE can be seen as "TwinOps" or "KnowledgeOps" as an agile way to bring the digital twin to service. 

How Does our Approach Help You?

SEKAI Digital KAIZEN delivers the answer to one of the very first and important question: How is SEKAI engaging, and How do I engage with SEKAI?

Major Benefits
• KPI Visibility & Budget Control
• Portfolio Evolution - Move beyond Prototype
• Continuous Feedback Loop for quality and outcome assurance


Continuous Change For Good.

Alongside the Execution Model we embraced agile and innovative methodologies and customized them to fit the nature of SEKAIs enabling technology for fastest business outcomes, leading to save money, more money, new money and/or risk mitigation.The methodology take into consideration the nature of SEKAIs unique data processing capabilities as well as to keep it simple and generate quick results deploying a minimal viable twin (MVT) focusing on deliver KPIs.

2 Week
Sprint Duration